Friday, July 21, 2006

Votergate:The Movie

Another brilliant find courtesy of Nate: Votergate: The Movie. Visit The Votergate site (which I will add to 'links') and start to participate in making sure the integrity of the upcoming election is ensured. DEMAND THIS OF YOUR GOVERNMENT. This film will shock you.

The more we know, the more we care because we begin to view ourselves as having a 'personal stake' in what is happenning to our country. Please watch this film. If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention.

I'm big on the "Double Feature" 'cause it lets you eat the big bucket of popcorn.
Found this over at Nate's,(you MUST see his site and visit his "GITF Theater" He has POWERFUL images there and it's a 'must see'). Please watch it. It's about six minutes of Noam Chomsky giving his take on the Israeli/Palestinian/Lebanese conflict now going on.

"Lebanon/Israel Facts The Mainstream Media Aren't Telling you"


Nate said...

Some morning art for you!



Swim said...

Thanks Nate...lovely? Morning.
Sending you an email.

Nate said...

I look forward to getting it! :) As in I haven't gotten it. :)

MJW said...

I first saw "Votergate" almost one year ago. It is an amazing film. I linked to it at my site a while back too, so my one or two readers could gain access to it ;-). You, on the other hand, are probably reaching a somewhat larger audience. That is great.

I cannot wait for the full-length version of "Votergate" to come out this fall.