Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Swim Deep

This is me by-the-by...Preparing for that body-shot...not really. I can't get this to fit in my profile space. I'm just barely computer literate. Perchance some technically proficient person will tell me how to do it. Alas, we'll see.


Old Sow said...

Hi from the Lake--

Shop for your computer for your husband here and then buy it at the PX there. Could be big bucks CHEAPER to do it that way.

Check it out, and god bless both of you. My nephew is sweating in Baghdad waiting for his flights home for 10 days until he returns. If they let him leave Iraq now with the ME in flames.

All best, Old Sow

Swim said...

Oh Sow...Thank you so much for stopping by. I check the AAFES site for almost everything big I buy. No tax, )no shipping if its over $50.)

Your nephew is in my prayers. Thank you for you compassion and suggestion and bless you both. See you at the lake.

john tjaden (in sacramento) said...

Hi Hope!

Not sure if you can't post the image because of size? And I don't know if blogger uses html, but if it does ....

Clicky here.

nojustwar said...


lately, i have been visiting your site to see what your talking about, the videos below were great. i have one more for you to watch, post, blog, and get furious about.
aaron ruso,
america: freedom to fascism,
its a 15min video preview, it comes out this year..
2) the road to guantanamo 11 min trailer/clip and
the film trailer

nojustwar said...

hi swim,
one more movie,

"Our Presentation from the American Scholars Symposium "

this one shows alot of info, not seen anywhere else,

including a longer than average view of the pentagon attack, after the 'plane' hits the pentagon, the film keeps going, but guess what?
smoke, but no plane,
flames, but no plane,
most of us know the truth, but some have not yet believed their own eyes.


Swim said...


Thanks so much for checking out stuff here. I will look at the links you sent and get back to you. Thanks.

Nate said...

Ok... Someone's got to say it so here it is:

You are a full-on Hottie! :)

By the way, glad you posted the video and linking to my site. You can actually link to someone's site within blogger and it will post as a link if you'd like. When you type the words that you want to link to something, just highlight them and then click the little chainlink icon on the text editor and it will give you a pop-up to enter the URL.

And for easier future reference, I actually have the URL which forwards to the blogspot address. Here's an example of embedding a link: My Site. Easy as pie! :)

Swim said...


You're brilliant and so helful. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your assistance. And thanks for the compliment. I did it! I 'embeded' which sounds kinda Thanks again.


Anonymous said...

Showing a little bit of love and I must admit,you are a hottie. Like what i see and your blog is nice also. Continue the great work and let's give'em hell! Just tell the truth,it is hotter than hell!


Eli said...

Have you tried just putting (small version) or (large version) into the Photo URL field of your user profile page? (Depending on which one you want displayed when someone clicks on "View full-size")

I'm pretty sure Blogger handles the resizing automatically. If not, I can send you a scaled-down copy.