Friday, July 21, 2006

Nate's Blog:Get In Their Face

I'm adding a new link And not because he thinks I'm a "hottie", please check out Nate's site:

Get In Their Face

The energy and intelligence at the sites I link here is indicitive of what is good about the country we are trying to take back from the neo-con, theo-con, militar-fasco-authoritarian tools-of-satan criminals that are not only changing the rules regarding what 'America' stands for, but the very foundation of our Democracy.

I'm currently writing on "The Link Between The Authoritarian Personality, Voter Fraud, and What We Can Do About It." Every day I get closer to finding what I think will be a useful tactic in the battle to wrest our power back from the fiends in Washington, D.C.


jyd62 said...

Swim I heard you on the malloy show
a few days ago. Actually I download the shows and listen to them at work when no ones around lol. Anyway I watched the movie yesterday and too be honest It's what I have been saying since it happened!! Still a great movie and I'm letting a bunch of people know about it. Just wanted to say thanks. mike

jyd62 said...

umm sorry screwed this up should have been under loose change Im not too familar with blogs yet.

Swim said...


Thanks for coming and thanks for watching. And, you can comment about anything, anywhere on my blog. The point is to get the word out and make connections with one another. Tell your friends about and they tell two friends, and so on. (from that old Herbal Essence

Nate said...

EPU'd from previous thread:

Swim said...

You're brilliant and so helful. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your assistance. And thanks for the compliment. I did it! I 'embeded' which sounds kinda Thanks again.

Absolutely no worries my dear... I love how well your blog is evolving. Do you use Yahoo Messenger? I've got some additional ideas that could help you out but it would be easier to do so realtime... Shoot me an email if you use any messenger services and would like to chat real-time

Musclemouth said...

Go Nate's blog! Especially GITF Theater.