Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Welcome to the Blogosphere

So...It has been quite an adventure, this 'Blogosphere'. The night I started this blog, which BTW I think no one has looked at, my world has been rocked. It started with the film and has expanded exponentially from there. I used the internal search for blogs to find what others were saying or thinking about the movie, which led many, many places. Finally, I landed and have set up house at "firedoglake". The learning curve for blogging is intense but I'm beginning to get the hang of it with the caveat that I still know very little.

I always get fired up about politics during an election cycle, it's unavoidable. Watching "Loose Change" made me question so many things about the 'main stream media' and all the places I was getting information. I thought of myself as 'a progressive' and thought I was getting good info from NPR, BBC,CBC, and a little NYT. Boy was I a mook. But it's getting better now and I'm reading from sources I would never have found if it weren't for FDL. The point is, I believe I have alot more control over the content of the information I'm recieving rather than having to decontruct and critically read what I was getting before. Decontruction and critical thought are still part of the mix, but now I have so much more to work with. Thanks to the Left Blogosphere for all that you do, and keep doing it.


Lisa said...


This is lisadawn82 from FDL.

I was just wondering, what kind of tech were you on the F-4's.

In the Navy I was an Aviation Electronics Technician (AT) and I retired as a Chief in '02. I wasn't always aircrew. Before 1990 I worked as a tech on T-2C (Trainer Aircraft), the SH-60B and a basic UP-3 (trash hauler).

When I first started out I worked the flight line in two different squadrons so I know what it's like to work outside in the heat down in Texas, Florida and Southern California.

I finally got fed up with watching everyone else have all the fun and applied and was accepted as an aircrewman after eight years in the Navy. Nothing like being 26 and going through aircrew school with a bunch of 18/19 year old boys.

How long were you in? I see that you live in San Antonio - just how bad is the heat down there?

Nate said...

I'm here to give lie to the assertion in your post that nobody reads your blog. I followed your link from FDL because like you, I love TRex's writings. I'm actually planning on turning one of his late nite posts into a short video log and hosting it on my sight.

Also like you, I watched Loose Change 2nd edition and it was very powerful for me. A note of caution for you however, if you announce that too often, others will marginalize it for you. I've seen it happen more times than you can imagine.

I'm a sort of a web/media professional and it didn't take me long to figure out all the multi-media tricks about Blogger. That coupled with the fact that I'm a pretty good web sleuth and I've wound up with a pretty good video blog.

I have several videos there that I think you may find interesting including Loose Change.

Loose Change 2nd Edition

Here are some others you should definitely check out...

The one I would recommend most highly is:

Robert Newman - History of Oil


Iraq's Missing Billions

PBS - The Secret Government

Iraq: The Hidden Story

and I have several full version documentaries available like:

The Big Buy - Tom Delay

Sir, No Sir! - Full Version


I had Enron - Smartest guys in the room but the legal team of Magnolia Pictures made me take it down. I have it buried in a shadowy back corner of the internet if you want to watch it though.

There are several more and I usually roll out a new one every week or so and several short films/documentaries ever couple days at least.

Have a look at my blog and let me know what you think. Also, if you feeling like making your blog a little more multi-media enabled, i.e. wanting to stream a web movie thru it, let me know. It's much easier than you'd think.


Swim said...


Thanks so much for your input. I'm a pretty quick study and have figured out about the marginalization thing which is why I assumed no one had left a comment. With so much content on the web and the blogosphere, people tend to peruse more than anything, and the 'Loose Change' reference is enough to make people to move on.

I checked out your blog but the addy you gave didn't work so I used some of my new-found, mad skillz and found you anyway. The LC link on your site didn't work...Is there something special about the version on your site? Let me know. And again thanks for the comment, it was good to be 'heard'.

Nate said...

Hi swim... Not sure why the links didn't work for you.

Try THIS and let me know if it works.

Definetly try and watch the PBS video I have on my blog from 1987 called "The Secret Government". It will explain a lot about the movie that hit you so hard. None of this is new. It's not even really uncommon.

But never fear... You're not alone. :)

Can't wait to talk to you again soon. Thanks for getting back in touch.

Rasputin said...

I just heard you on Mike Malloy and immediately checked out your blog. You sounded wonderful and I hope your husband is okay.

I'll be back to check this out again in the future. "If we don't hang together, we shall surely hang separately."

jeffy the penguin said...

i just heard you on malloy you evil liberal! i just want you to know that we are watching you from the bowels of antarctica! ;)

Rey Hinckley said...

Hi Swim,
I heard you on the Mike Malloy show. I had some of my commments aired on his show tonight also. I live in Baton Rouge and am the black sheep of my family.

I grew up here in Baton Rouge and attended a Roman Catholic seminary for three years. I remained Roman Catholic until I learned that Christians were the only people on Earth who do not see Christ and his teaching as nonviolent (a comment made by Gandhi).
I joined Pax Christi and tried to start a group here the night that we dropped the bomb back in the 80's.
Feel free to visit my web site and refer it to your public. The web site is http://membrers.cox.net/norbert01 I try to keep the figures updated about once every week or so.

Rey Hinckley

Swim said...


Thank you for your comments. I love that Ben Franklin quote. Oddly, the Founding Fathers words seem to be quite in vogue again and for good reason.

torres said...

RE: vacuum operations that suck up good progressive activist NRG... think about how the "single bullet," the grassy knoll and other "dots" of physical evidence that have been connected, re-connected and scrutinized ad infinitum over the DECADES to no avail in finding the real JFK killers...so...beware of "honey pots" of evidence into which we can get stuck (by debating the physical evidence like missile vs. airplane into the Pentagon)and let's dig for THE evidence that can indict the criminals, like who had the power to cause NORAD to stand down that AM! Don't give up hope! Take heart in works like those of Mike Ruppert, an old hand at this stuff, at fromthewilderness.com (nothing against dear brother Dylan and his friend of Loose Change...kudos to them for their efforts...those two devoted young guys may just be inexperienced with the operations of the right,like Dave von Kleist's, and how the truth gets neutralized, lost and otherwised made impotent)

Swim said...


Thank you for the info, while new to 'this' I'm not naive. I've just had a look at:


and it looks very interesting. The information curve is straight up when one deals with the criminals in charge of our country.I agree with you about trying to find evidence that will put them away.

Currently, I'm trying to get the word out about the voting machines that 90% of the country will be using in November. I'm going to do a post on it later. Again, Thank you.

Musclemouth said...

Swim, since you are a reader of bradblog.com, I can only assume you've seen the video clip of Clint Curtis testifying in Ohio about vote rigging. I love that clip. So telling. If you haven't seen it, here's the link right here. (Let me know if it doesn't work.)

Anonymous said...

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