Monday, July 17, 2006

Brad on Mike

Brad Friedman of "BradBlog" will be a guest at The Mike Malloy show on Air America Radio on Tuesday night 07/18 10pm-1am EST. Here's the link:

Brad will be speaking on the Vote Fraud as well as other topics of interest. If you've never listened to Mike Malloy, fasten your seat belts as he's a bumpy ride. He's sincere, speaks his mind, gets angry and I love his courage and his spirit. Tune In!!


Musclemouth said...

Hey Swim, I meant to catch up on your blog earlier, but my connection has been in-and-out. I think AT&T is messing with me on purpose. Or the wiring in my East Coast house is old and mouse-chewed. Either way, I have a good excuse ;)

I was listening to this Malloy about that guy who called in, eh? The one who challenged Brad. The one who sounded like he probably had some spittle on his chin. What a nut.

Have you called in to Malloy lately? I have, about 3 times, but didn't get on air. His screener has been pretty stringent. I think it's because Malloy is looking for people who are really on-target or really off-target. I am rarely on-target...I come from left field most of the time.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed hearing you on Malloy recently and was heartened when you said not all military support the Bush Crime Family. My son is an Army doc and I fear he's been brainwashed.

I applaud your courage to launch your own blog and hope your husband stays safe.

A Fellow Truthseeker

Swim said...


Thanks. Support comes in many forms. My guy is a military Doc also and it's difficult for us as there are a number of neo-cons in the hospital. Try exposing your son to some of the truth the media isn't telling us. Cruise around some of the links at my site, see if anything you find either touchs you or makes you angry enough to spit. Share what you've found with your son, and ask him what he thinks and how it makes him feel. Sometimes you can lead a horse to water...