Saturday, July 14, 2007


I started this blog precisely because my world view was drastically altered by watching a film that changed many of my perceptions of the world as I knew it. That film is Loose Change. I again, recommend it. Tonight I added another cinematic piece of information to the unraveling of the intricate puzzle of deception in which the powers-that-be have ensnared us all.

Being very close to moving when the year anniversary of my blog occurred, I didn't write up the significance of the emotional earthquake I encountered which created the impetus for the blog itself. Tonight I offer, for your weekend viewing pleasure, another terrifically persuasive film about the depth of corruption and nearly imperceptible duplicity and manipulation of your government and our world as we know it.

Take the time this weekend, or any other time you can manage, to watch the the documentary film Zeitgeist. Done in an interesting montage, triptych presentation, a social, historical, deconstructionist commentary on religion, 9/11, and international banking practices. This film will stun your senses and make you rethink much of what you think you know about the world, the history of the United States, and government in general. Tonight with my viewing, I had another epiphany.

Zeitgeist was created as a not for profit work to inspire people to start looking at the world from a more critical perspective.

The more you begin to investigate what you think we understand; where we came from, what we think we were doing, the more you begin to see we've been lied to.

We've been lied to by every institution.

-From Zeitgeist

Give yourself two hours and see if watching Zeitgeist changes anything.


MarcLord said...


Glad you're settled in enough to start re-blogging. I've missed your voice.

People think slavery was abolished. The only abolishment was of the word, and of course the business model was gradually improved upon. Slave-holding was too expensive and carried too much responsibility. How much would it cost to feed, house, clothe, and care for a slave today in terms of dollars per hour? I would conservatively guess about $15-20, on the cheap.

By outsourcing slavery, by devising a de-personalized form of meta-slavery which increased the reach, mobility, and profitability of the plantation, responsibility could at the same time be abdicated, and costs dramatically decreased. Profit motive was the original impetus behind slavery. That motive has not receded in any way.

It makes more sense to pay someone $1 per day, a far-off someone you need never see or care for, to make your doo-hickeys to sell at a 1,000% mark-up over fully-loaded cost. In what way is this better or more justified than slavery in which you own another human being as chattel? It's Rent-A-Slave.

And I haven't even watched the movie! Which may have nothing to do with slavery, economic arbitrage, robber knights, and a fraudulent chivalric code of the Divine Right of Capitol. So perhaps you think me as a loon. Thanks for bringing the show up. Will watch.


HopeSpringsATurtle said...

Marc, I too have missed your voice, thank you for coming over to see me so consistently in spite of my extended absence.

The film does touch on the economics of slavery issue. I think you will appreciate the thoughtful discourse. Watch it when you can.

Pandabonium said...

Excellent film. I found very little to disagree with and nothing of import. They might add some suggested reading on their website for people who want to delve into these issues further. I hope it opens some minds.

op99 said...

Wow, very interesting film Hope. I had picked up earlier that you were a POF (person of faith), so I wondered if the excellent first half hour or so deconstruction of christanity had any effect on your "spiritual" outlook.

Your atheist reader,

HopeSpringsATurtle said...

Thanks Op. I get so very much from all your comments. I am a "POF" but Faith and religion are two different things. I have an abiding faith in God and little to no belief in religion. Growing up in the Catholic church, I learned pretty early there are hoops one is expected to jump through in order to be a "good catholic." I saw very little in the 'circus tricks' that related to my personal relationship with God. I am definitely one of the lucky ones--born with faith. My cynacism developed later.

MarcLord said...

Watched it. Holy Cows. Let's see...

there went Christ, country, and currency in one fell swoop. I gave up on the latter already, but found the religious section the most thought-provoking. Am not ready to give up on Jesus. He may well be a sign of the Zodiac differentiated by the gyroscopic precession of the Earth. But like Robin Williams, he was different, and no script writers could've written, after the time, the jokes he told.

HopeSpringsATurtle said...

I think whether Jesus was is an archetypal hybrid or a historical figure is irrelevant. The point of faith in a power greater than oneself is to live an ethical life and believe in doing so, you can evolve into being part of that greater power.

My faith and belief in God lends me strength and the tenets modeled by a life of faith, doing the right thing, is what I think leads us to God. Ethics and humility are the roads to God.

I had a wise teacher who once said the major religions all agreed about one tenet: Humility is the path to God. I concur.

Glad you watched it Marc.

Bruce said...

Hey Hope,

As I keep bumping into you at Adored by Hordes, I thought I come over. And then I see you blogged this film (which I also blogged) and that we have similar reactions to it. Cool.

Every since 2001, I've accelerated what I guess has been a life-long quest to deepen my understanding on the way the world works, the way I work, the human condition, spirituality, all of it.

The material in the 9/11 film concurred with my research, the spiritual traditions film was exciting because it fit with my explorations (I'm keeping those to myself for now, but certainly trying to live them), and the one on money...I have the hardest time with this subject, but find these arguments about the Federal Reserve and centralized banking compelling. Too, I agree with Marc's first post, and have seen that well presented by Derek Jensen in "The Culture of Make Believe" (a great book by a leading writer and thinker).

Anyway, hello, and blog on.

Anonymous said...

Yea, I just watched the film, and was so pissed off! I let my friend watch the dvd, and asked them what can we do about it? We came to conclusion that we cannot do anything about it. We as humans do need to be more harmonious with the earth, and we still need to take care of the poor, and disadvantage. But when it is time for that RFID chip, I hope to be picked up by space aliens, because it's going to be some creepy shit. I just hope the mass as a whole does not accept it, nor shall we accept that there are terrorist running around trying to kill us now. Those damn people so defenseless and can't do nothing to us. Wake UP!

daniel gomez said...

these people are going to burn in hell(the goverment)

well,i just got to say that we were we can see,we were blank,now we know..know the truth of this world..we are treated like fuckin lab rats!

Contacting me on the web said...

these people are going to burn in hell(the goverment)

well,i just got to say that we were we can see,we were blank,now we know..know the truth of this world..we are treated like fuckin lab rats!