Monday, July 16, 2007

Speaking of DeLays

The Aerialist, a DKOS contributor, has written up a terrifically frightening news item we haven't heard about in the MSM (color me surprised). Ronnie Earle, the Texas District Attorney who brought charges up on the criminal Tom DeLay, is pushing for the Texas Appeals Court to not change the law in order to get DeLay off the hook for his criminal tampering with Texas elections. Texas readers and concerned citizens, please contact your representatives or Democrat Nick Lampson who now holds DeLay's seat in Congress, and have them chime in on the Texas' despicable legal pandering. Just another example of my-most-recent-ex-"home" and its constant meddling with justice, and simply what's right. A textbook case of "judicial activism." Sheesh.
If he [Ronnie Earle] can’t persuade them [Texas Appellate Court] to reconsider, police and prosecutors would be powerless to bring conspiracy charges in a wide variety of felony crimes, perhaps including the next pair of Columbine-style killers who plot to bring their guns to a Texas school.

Four dissenting judges on the nine-member Court of Criminal Appeals agree that the court is about to make bad law and bad public policy in the course of throwing out a conspiracy charge against DeLay and two accused co-conspirators. Earle is trying, with a motion for rehearing filed Thursday, to persuade at least one more justice to reconsider.
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op99 said...

Aerialist answered my comment in that diary, that Earle ounded like he thought he could swing a judge his way to keep conspiracy charges on the table.

op99 said...


preview is my friend

JollyRoger said...

Dale Gribble's roots of corruption run deep in Texas, even if Dale's taken his show to Virginia.