Thursday, July 19, 2007


There has been an inordinate amount of talk the last few days of martial law being invoked by the emperor-chimp, and I have to say it is more than a little unsettling. I don' recall any time in my life when the political landscape was this littered with dangerous minds. Looking into the American pathology has become more a thing of shame and disappointment than I care to admit. But what to do?

We have an absolutely criminal administration and an opposition party that looks more and more Chamberlinesque with each passing day. The convenience of politics, i.e, either participating or not, if you feel like it, the laissez faire, take it or leave it, no longer seems possible. To read or listen to conservative Bruce Fein tell it, the founding fathers would take up arms against this lawless BushCo bunch, and all things considered, it would appear we are through the looking glass.

JFK's assassination, the Vietnam war, Watergate, Iran-Contra, they don't even come close to the depth and breadth of of corruption and in-your-face deceit presented with such extraordinary hubris it stuns the senses. And Americans do nothing. The left blogosphere is blowing its top, which has been on-going to the point of fury-fatigue, but to what avail?

The fuckstick(s) in the White House have crafted yet another National Security Presidential Directive. Have a look at the list of NSPD's. Consider that any number of constitutional law scholars have called much of what BushCo has done/continues to do daily, illegal but end commentary with, "...but these issues will not get through the courts until Bush is well out of office." Or maybe until he cancels the election, declares martial law, seizes the assets of dissenters. The entire 1984 scenario is absolutely surreal until you look back carefully sorting through the details of what these criminals have done and then it seems strangely possible.

I have no answers, only prayers. Hopes that the spirit and courage of our ancestors who fought for the independence of this country 231 years ago still survives in the genes of today's Americans. I'm not sure what else to do but hope.

One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors. -Plato


MarcLord said...

How were a bunch of Vandals able to take Rome? Because its farms were worked by sullen, mistreated slaves. If you don't have a well-paid working class, you don't have anybody to sell good products to. You don't have true economicum, and you sure as hell don't have a democracy.

I had the opportunity to study the Russian Behemoth real hard in early 1985. Field intelligence and foreign service were possible career paths, and I already had experience. My conclusion, using commonly available data, was that the war in Afghanistan was going to break the Russian empire. It was hollow. And it was about to break anyway, whether I or my country took part in helping the freedom fighters or not. The process was faulty, had been much abused, and the dream was over.

We're getting there. Coming from a different direction, headed to the same place. Yes, they have all the power. But they're using it to employ foreign slaves, get needlessly richer, and keep us dumb. As a nation, we will be easy meat for something soon enough.

And I feel powerless too. I hate that. But it's how it is. Enough of us start feeling like that, we don't like it, and then it leads to something else. Right now there's too many people still being bought off with housing inflation and war machine money, but it's not too hard to see the udders starting to dry out. When they do, it'll be like someone left gasoline and rags in a trash can.

HopeSpringsATurtle said...


Your words somehow give me comfort. I'm not afraid of hardship nor hard work. I am fearful of apathy and inaction. Trashcans, rags and gasoline? Give me a match.

MarcLord said...

The Certified Debt Obligation (mortgage-backed securities, housing market) is imploding. The most respected hedge fund manager, last week, got up at a conference of CDO managers, said their ratings were complete bullshit, and walked out.

There's the trashcan, there's the rags. The military that is being broken is probably the gasoline.

Anonymous said...

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