Thursday, July 26, 2007

Cheese Whiz

Yesterday's (day before?) "terrorism suspicion" at the various airports, then the subsequent "warning" to be on the look out for the cheese-as-bombs scenario turns out to be, in at least one instance, an old woman's broken icepack.
A female U.S. citizen in her late 60s wrapped the 10-to 15-year-old ice packs to prevent leaks because they had grown brittle, Sanfilippo said. She had a legitimate medical reason for carrying ice packs and did not appear to be able to afford to buy new ones. He could not explain the differences in the TSA bulletin. _-AP report
Maybe this is the "gut feeling" Skeletor Chertoff had eluded to. Notice how the 'false flags' start waving when BushCo is in trouble?

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News Sophisticate said...

Cheese as Bombs are nothing compared to what the sub 'machine gun' contractors are doing around the globe. Currently a company called Triple Canopy Inc. holds the contract to guard the green zone.

and I fear they as well as Blackwater are now part of the new 'hrbrid' force going in the Darfur region of the Sudan.

Check my full blog...You will see some articles that will enrage you once you see what they are doing