Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Conquering Iraq

Getting a jump on the day...finally. Today I start blogging again.

I present here a video by Chalmers Johnson, the foremost expert on American hegemony and the dangers of "blowback". He presents a stunning report on the status of the permanent military bases being constructed in Iraq. Six different mini-cities, American style. From the documentary, The Bases Are Loaded:
"...Clearly, what went into the thinking of the war against Iraq was to conquer it..." "Whoever controls Iraq, controls the world. Iraq sits n the largest world reserves of oil. When Saudi oil has long run out, when all nations are without petroleum resources, Iraq would still sit on a sea of oil. The country that controls Iraq is the country that will essentially dictate the world economy for the next generation and possibly longer"
The lies that brought us into this conquering of Iraq and subsequent occupation have continued unabated. These bases are being constructed with American tax dollars; no-bid, cost-plus contracts that DIRECTLY benefit members of the Bush crime family. These are the facts. There is no dispute about them. The Dems in congress do nothing but make empty threats to an out-of-control regime bent on the destruction of America as we know it. Do your homework, find out for yourself. This is the beginning of the end and still impeachment is "off the table." Watch this 30 minute video and make your own decision.


Anonymous said...

Just WOW. Thanks, Hope. Now can the rest of the citizenry wake up and decide that the US actions in Iraq won't make any of us any safer in anyway, please. Thanks, OS

op99 said...

Raed Jarrar at about 8:55 left hits the nail on the head:

This policy doesn't seem like it will change anytime soon. And the right policy, that many observers and analysts have been tring to promote for, is very far away. It's not even within the view of this administration, or of the next administrations. It's not within the view of this binary Democrat/Republican system, that doesn't recognize any other alternatives than going around the world and bombing people and killing people.

Both parties in our two party system have been corrupted by corporate purchasers, and I fear no matter which party is elected, we will stupidly and stubbornly remain in these superbases to the further detriment of our reputation, our security, and our very souls. Hillary Clinton is right in there with the Republicans in this respect, and I'm afraid Obama and Edwards are not far behind her.