Monday, November 27, 2006

We Were Framed - Part Two

Following up on my post last week about how the mainstream media consistently repackages the information we recieve using Bush administration 'talking points',even as they seem to cop to the the truth about the discontent within the GOP, eventually they try to convince us otherwise and explain any discontent away. This is the kind of lying that used to be relegated to the likes of used car salesmen and ambulance-chasing personal injury attorneys, not the 'free and fair' watchdogs of American integrity. Another Washington Post reader agrees with me. The media are supposed to be our eyes, our ears in washington and the world. That they have become lapdog, ass-kissers to corporate interests who have only money, power and world domination as their ultimate goal, is beyond the pale.

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op99 said...

The media also props up Junior with coverage like this.