Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Tinfoil Hats, Impeachment and the State of the Nation.

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Will Bunch at Attytood has a must-read article especially for the tin-foiliest among us (to which I must profess to being). Try to get through the comments as well, it's an interesting piece. Then weigh in here about what you think. After the blow-out last Tuesday, it's tempting to rest (needed) on our laurels and wait for the newly-elected to "do their jobs". Rarely though, are politicians motivated to make changes, unless moved to by the public. They also want to sit back and relax. We must not let them. Reader meta has just the stuff to get us re-invigorated:

This really is the strangest time. When the shock wears off, I think you’re going to see even more anger. It’s so late in the game to be acting like we’ve been involved in anything remotely resembling normal.

Ain't it the truth? I think the voter turnout so overwhelmingly for Democrats scared the GOP cheating machine right out of its socks and they chose to let the elections be more or less "fair". Of course there were still big election day problems with all the usual suspects, Ohio, Florida and the hotly contested Senate races in Montana and Virginia, both had exit polls which did not match the vote count(both states going overwhelmingly to the now-elected Democrats in exit polls, rather than the very close races we witnessed). So what does it all mean?

I believe because of the weight of evidence over the last 6 years that the GOP has and maintains a certain disregard for "The American Way" or to say they desire a country free of any disonance or 'interference' from the left is an understatement. As Americans we may not agree about all things but most of us have a certain "live and let live" philosophy that is crucial to maintaining all of our freedoms. The GOP facist-right-wing agenda wants ALL Americans to be in their image. No freedom to be who you are, just conform to their idea of what is correct according to them. Period. I have never particularly agreed with the conservative right but I have always placed in the same regard their freedoms to live and believe as they please as mine, so long as it doesn't infringe on my freedom to do the same. These people won't tolerate anyone's "freedom" but their own. In the word's of Stephen Sondheim, "It's intolerable being tolerated".

Nancy Pelosi and Howard Dean say "Impeachment is off the table". I agree that in order to impeach the president and his minions we must have all our ducks in a row and the American people behind the the effort for justice. Until that time comes, and I believe it will come, we have many GOP messes to clean up. First things, first.

From an article by Paul Craig Roberts:"Are Democrats Turning a Blind Eye to Civil Liberty?":

“Bush is the most impeachable president in American history. However, the incoming speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, has declared impeachment to be “off the table.” Obviously, this means that Bush will not be held accountable and that the Bill of Rights is a casualty of the vague, undefined, and propagandistic “war on terror.”
“If Democrats cannot bring themselves to rectify the inhumane and barbaric practices that now pass for U.S. justice, then they, too, (ed. will) have failed the American people.”

Freedom requires vigilance and commitment. This seems to be a thought lost on some of the newer generations of Americans. We have fought the good fight to reinstall some balance into the government and we are a bit tired. So take a vaction, rest up from the fight of trying to take our country back from the unyielding who would have us shut up and be 'good', and then remember we have a responsibility to show up and do our jobs as citizens and protectors of freedom for all.

[Hat tip to Mary for the link to Anti-War.com]

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shoephone said...

We can't have any chance of impeachment until we get the investigations. Pelosi knows what she is doing. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other, Democrats...