Thursday, November 16, 2006

Oil, Smoke and Mirrors

Why are we really in Iraq? The election has shown that We The People want a change of course. The bush administration has and continues to show disregard for what the American people say they want. Why? Democracy? Terrorism? Our security?
If you believe any of those reasons I have some swampy desert acreage and a couple of bridges to sell you.

Oil. The war profiteering for bushco cronies and the 3rd largest oil reserve in the world are the reason we went into Iraq. That is the reason there was no exit strategy, and the reason Bush won't leave. Don't believe me? Do your homework. Read. I googled "oil" and got 425 million hits. There are many, many sources of information at your disposal. I have posted here today a 50 minute video about why this administration has made this war its priority over ALL else. Give this documentary "Oil, Smoke and Mirrors" 50 minutes of your time today and see if you feel differently about the so-called, "War On Terror".


MarcLord said...

Hiya SwimDeep,

Yeah, and I think many middle-class Americans have known damned well it's about oil, and were willing to either lend steadfast support to Preznit or turn the other way and not talk about it. Amazingly, the issue is still being held desperately under the covers by the MSM. It's like putting a bath-mat on the back of an elephant and pretending it's not there.

MarcLord said...

PS appreciated your "food security" catch, discussed it with my wife (who works in a pertinent field), and it's a little more complicated than that. "Food security" has been used as a therapeutic concept for some time. However, I'm still thinking on a post, because of course they're taking advantage of the "Homeland Security" phraseology to get more funding internally. Gotta compete against all the other agencies, and the dollars are scare when all the extra ones are going down the drain.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Hope for posting this video. It is one of many increasingly available that call BS on the myth of 9-11. It seems incredible to me that people would prefer to deny that the dependence on the developed nations on oil has anything to do with 9-11 and what has occurred since then. It is vital that we meet their routine dismissal of this sort information with more and more until they too can no longer keep their eyes close. OS