Monday, November 06, 2006

Beware Phony Voter's Guide!


Dear Friends,

I just received an election ballot slate card in the mail called “Information Guide for Democrats.” I’ll bet you have too. Look for it. Then throw it away. It’s pure deception. And then get mad. Pretending to be a Democratic slate, this mailer recommends against Propositions 87 and 89, the Clean Energy and Clean Money Initiatives. Above there is a picture of this mailer, so you can identify it.

Corporate interests are spending tens of millions of dollars to defeat these two initiatives. And they don’t mind lying and cheating to get what they want. We have to fight this with the simple truth. And with word of mouth. Please pass this email on to all your friends and relatives in California. We’ve got to get out to vote and defeat these guys.

Don’t Be Fooled.
Big Oil paid for
this bogus voting guide.

Spread the word. [Hat-tip to Meta for the post]


meta said...

Thank you so much for your help in getting the word out on Big Oil's attempt to confuse California voters. They are very desperate!

Ever vigilant!

op99 said...

There oughta be a law with severe (like jail time) consequences for misrepresenting yourself as an established political party, or a candidate in this way. If nobody pays, they have no reason to stop. And will we ever hear this from the conventional media? Oh, wait, I forgot. Those big business guys all stick together.

SwimDeep AKA HopeSpringsATurtle said...

meta and op99: You are both so right. Thank you for your input as always, I couldn't do it with out you both.

Viva la Revolucion!

meta said...



Dianne Feinstein has been the vicitm of a similar campaign. She is very angry about this and has said she wants to introduce legislation to put it to a halt.

Call DiFi!

Nathan Morrison said...


It's so nice to be able to finally comment again LOL. I've been reading from the library and they have a filter, so annoying.

I was just getting fed up again with the constant right wing bs on the radio up here in the mountains, and went online looking for a progressive voice. I came here first to get my sense of sanity back LOL. Thanks for always reassuring me that this consequences are so high, and that we are on the right side of the battle, when we fight for the people. Talk to you soon!

-Nathan Morrison

SwimDeep AKA HopeSpringsATurtle said...

Nathan!!! So good to 'see' you. Glad I could be a bit of a "calm in the storm". get in touch with me soonQ


HillCountryGal said...

I cannot begin to tell you the number of pure crap I have received in the mail from the repukes. Trust me, it makes a glorious bonfire. Absolutely glorious.