Wednesday, November 08, 2006

And The Tide Rolls...

Exhausted from my 15 hours at the polls in South Texas working as an "Election Official', today I am pleased with the results of the election but know the fight has just begun. We must hold our newly-elected officials feet to the fire. I will post more later, but now I will have a richly deserved cup of coffee. Thank you all for your support and for getting out the vote that has brought us to the brink of real change in our country and its future.

I plan to add links all day, so please check back. Here is the first of many from d r i f t g l a s s. And Dependable Renegade here. For my local Texas compatriots I link a Texas blogger with great insights into Texas' inability to "move forward" with the rest of the nation. Please visit McBlogger. Here are the election results for California via the SF Gate. A site I found while phone-banking for Jerry McNerney (CA-11 Winner), check out this blog on progressive CA-11 politics. From My DD Chris Bowers updates us on the HISTORIC Democratic victory nationwide. NTM the serious note of the Unruly Mob.

I have a final message, via my good friend RF, for the re-thugs in this country who have used the truly UNAMERICAN tact of trashing the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, setting Freedom back 900 years and trying to inflict their view of the world on everyone:"Time for you to sit back, relax and enjoy a big, steaming cup of Shut The Fuck Up."

Those Texans sure know how to turn a phrase.

Seems Katherine Harris has already recieved the memo from RF.

Harris photo courtesy of Jesus General

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