Friday, November 24, 2006

The Sickness Spreads UPDATE

A tiny blurb that disgusts me to post. A video of American soldiers teasing, taunting and ultimately acting in a disgraceful way toward Iraqi children. We leave our troops in harm's way and treat them as fodder and they begin to act as if common decency and rules of behavior don't matter. These soldiers should be ashamed of themselves and I hope they are disciplined. Seeing children treated like this shames our country. This administration's despicable conduct in the prosecution of this ugly occupation is the shocking reason these soldiers are even in Iraq. Think about it.

This video was made "unavailable by user". [note:FOUND A NEW VIDEO H/T TO RF]I guess the controversy of the behaviors by American soldiers was too much light on a very dark problem. I am adding an equally disturbing video which in a different way, highlights the disfunction created by a military in Iraq for "no good reason".
I am also posting a counterpoint to the above soldiers behavior. A CMSgt in the 332nd Expeditionary Squadron comforts an Iraqi child, read his story.
[H/T to Imm for the catch on the 332nd]

Another bit in the news: Soldier Mothers Long to Be Home

Final, tragic bit: “Breaking News: Mass Slaughter in Baghdad”

“Slaughter is just laughter with a ’s’ in front,” Bush said at an informal White House meeting earlier today, according to an official who spoke on condition of anonymity. The President went on to say, “some in the media think we’re going to lose, but we know the only way we lose is if we quit, so we’re just gonna keep on laughin’.”
Good to know your president is keeping his good humor about it all.


shoephone said...

The 'sickness' that spreads is the embodiment of CRUELTY. It festers in those soldiers from the video, and it metastasizes with every stupid word that Bush utters.

CRUELTY - that is now the watchword for the American invasion of Iraq.

Anonymous said...

I'm just speechless at Dubya's "slaughter" quote. Just speechless. Oh.My.God.

MarcLord said...

Teasing kids with a botter of water may have been sheer malicious boredom, but GIs typically want to keep Iraqi children close to their vehicles. They pass out candy to them as a means of warding off IED attacks. I'm not condemning them for this, but it's something the Iraqis hate them for above all other things--sometimes those IEDs often go off anyway and children get killed.

SwimDeep AKA HopeSpringsATurtle said...

Intresting tidbit Marc, I hadn't heard that before but it makes sense. I think the point is not lost though, that we are in Iraq unnecessarily and to the detriment of US soldiers, foreign policy, American reputation, and most certainly, the Iraqi people.
Thanks for your input.