Friday, September 01, 2006

A True American Patriot UPDATE

I speak of Rocky Anderson, Mayor of Salt lake City, Utah. Utah? Yes, Utah. This guy rocks. He is the true personification of a Leader. What we are so sorely in need of. Share this video. Make copies and leave on your neighbors doorstep. This is the kind of inspiration that will change the course of destruction we are on. The 3 videos i have posted , in order are an interview with Fox News before the demonstration in SLC, during the demonstration, and afterwards. Judge for yourself if this is not the brand of leadership our country is in dire need of. Thank you Rocky. I have linked the text of Rocky's speech fro his website.

UPDATE: I have located the entire speech on video and it is stunning. Rocky gives a vibrant, stinging attack on the President and the criminal adminstration he runs with impunity. Highlights include, "sycophants... oppressive, inhumane regime...treason...worst presidency our nation has had to endure...perhaps those that enabled Sadaam Hussein should be sharing the dock with him while he is on trial for 'Crimes Against Humanity'..." I could go on but I'll let you enjoy it yourself.

The link KUTV provides makes you find the right clip, so go to Aug. 30, 2006 video and click on "SLC Mayor Blasts Bush"

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