Monday, September 11, 2006

Heartsick but Wide Awake

Your country is slipping away. This is not a joke. As surely as houses came off their foundations after the deluge of Katrina. Remember the photos? Remember the shock of seeing a huge ship beached far inland? Houses deposited atop cars? Remember the people chanting, "Help, Help, Help" in front of the convention center? Remember thinking, "This could never happen here, not here in the United States, this looks like a third-world country..." This is what is happening to your country. The 'big storm' were the attacks on 9/11, and our country began on that day, the slow, steady slip off its foundation that today threatens to be, like Katrina, devasting and beyond repair.

Last night ABC played part one of their 'mockumentary'. The drama that rewrites history and basically blames Bill Clinton for the attacks of 9/11. Chimpy's numbers are up. Gas prices are down. The 'shock and awe' dog-and-pony-show is in high gear. The troops dead in this lie called a war have surpassed those killed in the 9/11 attacks. The reconstruction of the Gulf Coast is left hanging for the poor, but rushes forward for the carpetbaggers and the 'people of influence'. And Americans are drinking lattes, talking on cellphones and tuning in to see who killed Jon Benet.

Your government is wire-tapping you without warrants and saying that its "National Security". Anytime asked questions the answers are always swathed in secrecy and "National Security". Do you feel safer? Do you? The Bush Administration is currently trying to pass a bill that will retro-actively insulate those who haven broken existing laws. Corporate interests run the the government. BushCo has begun to gear-up drumbeats to start another war. They cut benefits for Veterans after promising to take care of them. They lied about why we went to war with Iraq. They lied about the connections between Sadaam Hussein and 9/11. They lied about taking care of Katrina survivors. Lousiana, the last blue state in the south, has been stripped of its mostly African American democrat voters. They have outted an undercover CIA operative for political revenge and lied about it. They have installed voting machines manufactured by republican donors that have been proven easy to hack and have already used these blackboxs to steal two elections. They have invaded our privacy and stomped on our civil liberies with the jackboots of the fascist regimes they compare us to; Americans that stand up and want answers about what's going on in America . And the American mainstream media tells us nothing. Well here's something I found over at Nate's, it's called "The Best War Ever"

Sitting Democrats in Washington,D.C. barely say a word in protest about what is going on, afraid of 'alienating' the centrist core of America. Liberals and Progressives fight amongst themselves about the 9/11 conspiracy question, again not wanting to 'offend' anyone. If you believe that 9/11 was an "inside job" you are considered a "conspiracy nut" and are marginalized. It is becoming Nazi Germany all over again, but it is here. If you have doubts, check it out for yourself. Check the evidence for this slow but steady drift, this slide into totalitarianism. Nazi Germany didn't not happen overnight. It took 10 years from the beginning of Hitler's reign until he stormed Poland. Read your history. George Bush has the power of 21st century technology to aid him so its only taken him 6 years. Have you had enough? When is 'enough is enough' for you? I have. I've had more than enough.

Listen fof one minute to a Republican former President in his departing remarks, warning us of this very thing:

Today I post a link to an award winning documentary that is available for viewing at Information Clearinghouse. Please watch it. It can be a powerful antidote to the propaganda. It was in the theaters until recently. I post it in hopes of throwing my voice into the fray for the battle to reclaim my country. It's called

"Why We Fight"

film "Why We Fight"


MJW said...

Excellent post.

You wrote: Your country is slipping away.

That is very similar to what Paul Craig Roberts (an old-fashioned -- i.e. honest -- republican) wrote today here: Is American Democracy Too Feeble To Deal With 9/11?

I agree with his final assessment, but I haven't given up, in spite of that agreement.

Roberts does an even better job with this recent editorial published at Information Clearing House: Guillible Americans.

P.S. I replied to your comment at my blog. I thought you had commented on my newest entry, posted less than an hour ago, so I was baffled when I didn't find it there. Ha.

Daniel Solis said...

"Sitting Democrats in Washington,D.C. barely say a word in protest about what is going on, afraid of 'alienating' the centrist core of America."
That's so true for most of our leadership. We definitely need some change in the Dems too, not only the republicans.

Anonymous said...

I was getting my hair cut the other day and the cosmetologist said "Oh, yeah, we're at war. I forget about that." I was astonished. I then thought about how many Americans were like her, thinking of this very transiently throughout their day, and then moving on through the day without so much as another thought about it. I wish more Americans realized that our country has already started to unravel. Great post. You are a true patriot.

Anonymous said...

I sat in my office all day to day.
At randomly spaced times, I wept.
I wept as some girls in trust accounting giggled and had a birthday party.

I remember the faces of my people, as they leapt to their deaths from 40 Stories. I wept all day long.

It hasn't hit me this hard since the day of the attacks. I've been able to keep my emotional responses in check for the most part, and 'appear' to be normal.

I'm tired of being normal. I'm ashamed that I ever, even subliminaly, acknoledged that to pretend everything is okay was an okay way for me to be.

It's been 5 years now Michelle, and we still don't know who or what or why. We still haven't even had an independent investigation officially sanctioned by our government.

Someone has to do something. I don't know what to do, and today, I've felt completely lost all day long.

I've decided that one thing I can do, is to stop acting like everything is fine.

There will be no more 'how's your day going' office banter from me.
In fact, there will be no more office for me. No more San Diego. No more blind sheep that refuse to wake up. Not for me.

I'm blowing this fucking popsickle stand the first out I see. Period.

Fuck San Diego. And Fuck Apathetic Americans. Today, on the 5 year anniversary of the slaying of over 3000 of my people, I have lost my patience with you sheep, and your dodging the subject.

No more baseball or basketball. No more sports. The next person who tries to distract me from the topic of importance with stammering bullshit will be put severely in their place. This will continue to occur even at the price of my firing. My priorities are in order you pieces of shit, I'm not ashamed of these tears. You should be ashamed at not shedding any.

I'm sorry Michelle, none of this is directed at you, in fact it would have remained buried inside of me had I not read your post today.

Thank you. I apologize in advance to any I may offend in my abruptness in future dealings. I am sacrificing my 'civility' willingly, in order to save my civil rights.

-Nathan Morrison

Vigilante said...

My problem with Liberals is the same as my problem with Conservatives is that they both tend to pretend that Bushsolini and Rovebbels are running just one more in a long line of Republican presidencies, peopled by superannuated ex-prep boys and fraternity pranksters, recipients of legend privileges at Ivy League colleges. Both liberals and conservatives are deluding themselves.

Bush and Cheney are not constitutionally-guided office holders as they are members of a megalomaniacal junta driven to maximize power at the expense of the constitution. As such, it will not be sufficient merely to throw their party out in 2008, as in the normal natural order of succession in American politics. The Neocon has wreaked such a potentially lasting devastating effect of our domestic order and international standing, that they have to repudiated through impeachment before their term is up.

It will not do for the American electoral system to merely digest them for another two years and excrete them in 2008. This crud has to be puked out before it rots our Constitution any further.

Pandabonium said...
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Pandabonium said...

Excellent post Swim. I like the movie, though I haven't finished it yet.

Nathan's message resonates with me.

Vigilante brings up a crucial point. The public - those that bother to vote - think in two year and four year bites of time. As we know, Rummy and Cheney et al go back decades. They think in terms of their entire lifetime and have been chipping away ceaselessly. Even if elections prove fruitful, who will undo the damage done thus far? There is only a handful of politicians who have any grasp on what needs to be done.

Anonymous said...

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