Monday, September 04, 2006

9/11 Redux "The Truth Remix"

This is a great video from the "Unclassified Producer". A perfect opening to my 9/11 post.

9/11 is of course where it all begins. There is much evidence to dispute the "official story" of 9/11/2001. If you have not watched "Loose Change", do. If you have not seen "The Power of Nightmares", do. If you haven't read the "Downing Street Memo", do. We were once able to trust the mainstream media to bring us a more or less balanced, within the context of cultural bias, reporting of National and International events. That is no more. The mainstream media has never been a perfect system but during the period of BushCo they have become lazy, indolent and negligent. Robert F.Kennedy Jr. has stated it succintly, "The job of a Journalist is not to 'balance', it's to find the truth and then convey the truth to the American public, and that is not being done..."

9/11 Press for Truth
in conjunction with
"The Jersey Girls" produced a film that looks like it may be worth checking out. There are a number of organizations and individuals who for the past five years been digging for the truth about 9/11, with little or no help from OUR government and in many cases, subtrefuge, lies and cover-up. The events of 9/11 demand an independent investigation, which to date we have not recieved and has been blocked at the highest levels of government.

Had Enough? It's time for the truth.


Pandabonium said...

"truth remix" - Love it. Perhaps the public will act when they see the truth. Getting them out of a stupor of denial is quite a task. Getting them off their comfortable butts is another.

Perhaps nothing will happen until they become uncomfortable - which is coming soon enough. I hope it isn't too late by then.

Keep hammering Swim.

Swim said...

Thanks Panda...I will.

X said...


Glad you liked and linked to the '9/11 Truth Re-mix.' Love your site and your commitment. The truth is indeed spreading, virally, over the internet. Just wanted to let you know that there will be showings of '9/11: Press for Truth' in Austin.

Regal Arbor Cinema at Great Hills, 9828 Great Hills Trl.
(Free, Donations accepted. 1 Night Only. 7:30PM)

University of Texas at Austin, 2400 Inner Campus Dr.
(FREE. 1 Night Only. 8:30PM)
More information coming soon.

If you go, make sure and say hello and introduce yourself to any of the producers (not sure who will be there).

By the way, just for the record, it's 'Unclassified Producer' as opposed to 'unclaimed.'

Also check out for more re-mixes and unclassified media.

Thanks again for putting up the video.

May the re-mixed truth set us free.


Swim said...


thanks for the Austin info, this film is worth the drive. and thank you for the 'correction' I've fixed it. I'm trying to get it together to go to DC for Camp Democracy but I hope to make it to the Austin showing of the film too. Thanks for stopping by, don't be a stranger.