Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Iraq You Won't See

Over at firdoglake guest poster Taylor Marsh has a great post up about the war and its damage. War is bad enough on its good days, with a noble cause to defend but this war is a money/powergrab engineered by BushCo, based on lies and false statements.

This is a film done by a BBC reporter over a year ago but with an unsanitized look at the Iraq they won't show us in the USA. The Media has become a willing player in the propulsion of propaganda that only they, the criminal government, want us to see. Things have gotten worse since this video was recorded. Much worse. Killing is up. Bombings up. And the bullshit continues to rise unabated.

If you watched "Press For Truth", it points out dramatically how no one in the MSM is connecting the dots. 80% of the information is out there buried on page 20 of the newspaper, or in a 15 second blurb on the news. None of the available information is being delivered in a contextual, organized manner. Everything we learn, we learn piecemeal. When it is all in one place, we become angry and ask,"What the fuck is going on...?" And no one is answering.

Iraq: The Hidden Story

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