Monday, September 11, 2006

9/11 Press For Truth-The Movie

9/11: Press for Truth

Several days ago I posted the "Truth Remix", a trailer for this film that played yesterday in Austin, TX. Today I post the video. It is outstanding. Please watch and see if your eyes are not opened as well as your heart.

9/11 Press For Truth

There is an excellent review and commmentary on "Press For Truth" by Brad Blog's guest poster Michael Collins. I've linked it here.


Daniel Solis said...

ill have to take a look at the video.
Also I fixed your blog page at P&M. you're welcome.

Harry said...

I watched the presentation this morning and it was very moving. It’s enough to cause people to drop everything and oust the thugs that occupy the high positions in this country. To them, we’re just fodder for the dog food factory. I realized what the government was like when I was in Vietnam and vowed never to pick up arms to defend those bastards ever again. They started this mess, let them go fight their own damned wars!

Pandabonium said...

Outstanding. No controverial physical evidence or theories that they can spin, rebut, or confuse the publice about - just documented facts that carry the case. All very well put together.

Swim said...


Again I reiterate, I think the most important thing is that this information about all that has happened before and after 9/11 get out into the world. There are many theories, much evidence, etc., to show that whatever happened, the official story is untrue. The America people still accept the 'official' story. The 9/11 commission report is full of falsities and many things have been omitted. I know I'm preaching to the choir here but the facts need to be spread around.