Thursday, August 31, 2006

Rally For Mike Malloy UPDATED

Air America Radio has fired Mike Malloy.

I am shocked and appalled not only by Air America's bad business decision, but their inherint dishonesty in not addressing the this dismissal in any regard. Air America has made no formal announcement; the only bulletin is on Mike's site where it says, "...for financial reasons...". Mike had recently announced that he negotiated a new two year contract with AAR so the 'financial' reasoning being used by AAR lacks credibility. No one on the network, including longtime friend and colleague Thom Hartman who 'filled-in' for Mike who was filling in for the vactioning Randi Rhodes, said anything about Mike's absence from the slot much less his firing. Peter Werbe has been filling Mike's nightime slot and according to Mike, was unable to address the firing. Mike has also requested that we treat Peter with respect and civility.

I have cancelled my subscription with AAR and I encourage all other subscribers to do the same.

The "Old Sarge", Herb, is a columnist over at Powers and Morrison has posted on this topic and Please, if you have any sense that another link has been forged on the chain of fascist oppression by the powers that be, please go see Herb, sign the petition linked below, and write or call AAR and let your voice be heard in defense of those who have been silenced.

An important factor in this decision by AAR can almost certainly be tracked back to the recent syndication deal Air America Radio has struck with Clear Channel. Clear Channel is one of the six media mega-conglomerates that run virtually all the major media in this country. If you haven't heard that before, please check for yourself. I've included a link to the Columbia School of Journalism's research on the very topic. Thomas Paine said it best over 200 hundred years ago, "If we do not hang together, we shall surely hang separately".

What you can do:

Please sign the petition to AAR in a united effort to re-instate Mike Malloy:

EMail AAR:

An alternative to AAR is the Head On Radio Network, tune in and stream live.

More live stream liberal radio:Talk City Live out of My home State, California.

Radio Power has some of the same syndicated shows as HORN.

I can personally recommend The Bob Kincaid Show on the HORN.

Republic Broadcast Live...worth a peek

I will keep adding links here as I find them and listen. I am only adding to this list after listening in to the shows. If you find internet radio you like. please add to comments and I will link here. Thanks. I believe we will hear Mike again soon.

Call AAR (212-871-8290) tell them how you feel about one of the finest FREE talking voices being silenced. The only thing these corporatists understand is money, so withold your contribution to their sickening, spineless contempt for free speech, and the First Amendment to the Constitution of The United States of America.


I'm also including here a link to a resource page for Liberal Progressive Talk. Hopefully these sources will help fill the void that many are experiencing as a result of the loss of Mike Malloy's voice. I believe that we can make a difference. The petition to re-instate Mike has over 5500 signatures so far. Keep the faith and watch your back. Peace.


SteveAudio said...

Well, said.

I'm conflicted on this one. I love Malloy, but I know others who don't. He pulled no punches, is clearly a partisan, and while I enjoy that, others I know found him abrasive.

Still, AAR is the only thing we've got on our side. The Pacifica network, (KPFK here in L.A.) has too much touchie-feelie tiny interest group programming, and NPR is way too centrist, and politically correct. So AAR is still the best thing going, albeit clearly flawed.

Swim said...

Thanks Steve for your input. I think whether Mike is abrasive or not, nobodies pulled rush's plug. As hateful as that pigman is he's STILL ON THE AIR. I love Malloy's passion and compassion. He has done much good on an individual level, works that need to be encouraged. I'm sick to death of laying down because, "there is nothing better". Sometimes, something is not better than nothing.
I am now linking HORN on my site, another liberal voice in the desert.

Anonymous said...

Ah, so desu!

AAR struck a deal with the devil, Clear Channel.

Malloy's head was part of price.

That's it for me and AAR. I like Rhodes and Franken, but it's not worth it if AAR sold out to the devil.

Bargain Countertenor

john in sacramento said...

Hey Hope/Swim,

Don't know if you're online right now but Mike is going to be calling in to the Christine Craft show at 3:00 pm Pacific which is about right now

Click on the button in the upper right corner where it says "On Air"

Swim said...

John in Sac

You are a Doll. Thanks for sharing. I missed Mike but I'm listening now.

lee said...

My wife and I came to Air America because of Mike Malloy, a superb entertainer who spoke from the heart with passion and conviction.

So, we leave with and wish Mike all the best. Bye Bye Air America in our house. Keep us posted, please, we are in Texas so it is hard for us to get free speech.

Pandabonium said...

Thanks for the links. I was stunned when I learned of this just today. I sent a nasty email to AAR and supportive one to Mike, but you've given me more actions to take.

Ladydawnelle said...

I would stream Mike at night and really feel lost now without him.

This guy that's fillin in for him SUCKS!

Mike is exactly what I need at night and his blunt honesty is sooooooo much needed.

I am now boycotting AAR until they get him back and if not..... it's over. It would take 2 Randi's and 3 Al's to equal ONE MIKE!!!

Thanks for the other links to other progressive streaming...... it will be a hard thing to do but I guess w/out money and clout there's not much else we can do but SCREAM and RANT!


Bob Wolfe said...

I just heard you again, this time on Bob Kincaid on Head On Radio. I miss Mike so much.

This is the image I now have in my head. Mike is like a fire in a field and I see him being stomped on with a big boot that I associate with the conservative right. Sqirting out from under that boot are sparks going in all directions start new fires. I consider Head On Radio one of the sparks and I'm looking for more. I will be a fan.

Thanks, Bob

emarie said...

I still can't believe that AAR fired Mike Malloy. He was the main reason I even listened to AAR. Now, of course, I won't bother. I will still podcast Ring of Fire (free, of course), but I have tuned out AAR on the radio for good. If this is the "bright future" they are referring to in their ads, then they can count me out.

Swim said...


same here. I love Ring of Fire, and yes, its free. Thanks for stopping by. Please come visit again.

Anonymous said...

A suggestion for your condideration. I don't think AAR cares if you threaten to stop listening, etc., but they might care if you took note of who is sponsoring the Mike Malloy time slot and write to them letting them know you disapprove of AAR's handling of this issue and that you will specifically avoid buying any products advertised during that period. My 2cents.

Anonymous said...

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