Friday, August 11, 2006

Somebody Tell Joe...

Just a blurb, this is Joe Lieberman on Joe Lieberman

Joe Lieberman: Foe of Third-Party Politics

“I ask those who are thinking about voting for Ralph Nader to decide how they feel — how George Bush feels — about protecting the environment, protecting consumers, protecting a woman’s right to choose, because all of those may well be in jeopardy if George Bush is elected president.” — Joe Lieberman, October 2000

“For Republicans to be putting Ralph Nader on television in a paid ad, certainly might lead your average observer to be cynical.” –Joe Lieberman rejecting GOP support for spoiler candidates, October 2000

“A vote for Nader is a vote for Bush,” — Joe Lieberman, September 2000

-Rolling Stone Magazine

Well doesn't that mean a vote for "Joe Lieberman, Party of One", is a vote for Republicans? Yes, yes it does. I like your logic Joe. I say you listen to yourself. It could be the first thing you've been right about in quite awhile. Time to ride off into the sunset little buddy.


Now that's a term you hear bantered around a lot these days. Islamofascists, the Fascist Regime of BushCo, etc. I personally subscribe to the latter rather than the former. Below are links to two different documents. The first is a textbook definiton of Fascism. The second link is a point-by-point comparison of BushCo policies and actions over the last few years with a template of Fascism's 14 points. Decide for yourself.

The 14 Points of Fascism

Bush's 14 Points of Fascism


Anonymous said...

Nicely Done Swim!

Lieberman is such a tool!

-Nathan Morrison

Daniel Solis said...

Nice post I agree. You should check out Joe's latest camp ad.
It's totally pathetic!

Nate said...

Thank you Swim for everything. I hope you are well and deliriously happy with your present company :). Tell him I said, "Aloha" and thank him for his service for me.

Much Aloha to you both.

Nate said...

Did you by chance send an email to Jack Cafferty on CNN?

egregious said...

Hey Swim,

Thx for checking in w us eurodeprived folk. Smooches for you and the loved one.

If you tried to email me my email has been dodgy. Am still interested in the diaper fund, even tho that isn't what we're supposed to call it :)

Please tell Mr Swim we honor his service and pray for his safety and sanity. You too my dear.

Pandabonium said...

Well said.