Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Lie By Lie

In case you were unsure about the depth and breadth of Bushco frightful incompetence, greed, mendacity, avarice, etc., Mother Jones has posted the first part of a series called "The War Timeline". Check it out.

Also, got this over at Crooks and Liars It is the absolute best rant on Rumsfeld ever given by ever-eloquent, Keith Olberman. Sheer Brilliance.

By the way, how do you as an American feel about the President of The United States making this statement about Patriotic Americans who oppose the war?

“They’re successors to fascists, to Nazis, to communists and other totalitarians of the 20th century, and history shows what the outcome will be.”"

-NYTimes, Aug.31,2006


skippy said...

hi hope

just wanted to check out your blog, it's the first time i've seen it.

keep up the good work.

Swim said...

Skippy! I am honored by your presence. Thanks for stopping by, don't be a stranger.

jellison said...

Keith Olbermann IS the New Edward R. Murrow of the 21st Century. I sent MSMBC an email the other day that I was no-longer Boycotting all of their ( all NBC of any kind ) programming, that i would now watch, The CountDown--with Keith Olbermann. I'm one of the X-AAR Malloyist now scattering into the 7 winds, & deciphered your web-site from Bob kincaid's show (replay) on the H.O.R.N. Because I'm mostly finished with AAR. Boy--they sure shot their foot off with that move. Anyway, I'm looking at the Big world of Progressive Media on the WWW right now, and will most likely come back to this one cause it's well organized & not cluttered. I visited The Old Sarges site last eve-. I'm leaving my other Apple computer on this site for awhile cause when I get back, I'm going to watch "the power of Nightmares--if thats ok. If you want to here Malloy's own words on what happened--He called into,______ Harrison On the Edge", 2 days after being X-ed by AAR Creetons--here-s the Link to 16 min MP3 audio file--lands on DeskTop--plays on itune or Windows Media player will play it--click red arrow___________
--( )-------
Sincerely_____jellison______Blue Blue Oregon