Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Bellwether Weather or it's mighty hot in here...

Just a quickie to note that with 19% of Connecticut precints reporting, Ned Lamont is handily beating entrenched incumbent Senator Joe Leiberman 52% Lamont to 44% Leiberman.

This is a bellwether primary. It sends a strong message to 'the spineless, do-nothing, get-along democrats and the rubber-stamp Rethuglicans that it is no longer "business as usual" in the Nation's Capitol. I shall post results as they come in. -Swim 8:30pm CST

52% Lamont 48% Leiberman 55% of precints reporting -Swim 8:58pmCST

53% Lamont 47% Leiberman 86% of precints reporting -Swim 9:42pmCST

Lamont wins Primary!!! the vote is in and Ned Lamont goes on to November. I call for all Democrats of Connecticut to rally behind the majority winner and let's take the House back!


Eli said...

Teh Awesome.

*happy sigh*

egregious said...

I'm in for the diaper fund.

Anonymous said...

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