Tuesday, June 10, 2008

All that's missing is the political will

Full Text of The 35 Articles of Impeachment of George W. Bush

This is an extraordinary document in it's accuracy, acumen, breadth, scope and the time in which it took to compile, so undeserved by the criminal Bush. We can only hope with our emails and calls, we create enough pressure on congress to take action. It would be insult on misery to let the criminal BushCo off the hook for the sake of political expediency and a Democratic 'sweep' in the fall election. That kind of cowardice cannot go unpunished as it is all politics and no principles. If Kucinich's historic documenting of blatant crimes backed up by large volumes of evidence serves only as a congressional 'catch and release' program, let there be a new revolution in America. Bring on the pitchforks.

It's encouraging to know someone in power has been watching and keeping score.


berensma said...


This is so cool. No MSM reaction yet, of course, but he has cast the spell down as a marker. The floor in Congress is getting spongy, and it's early, but mark my words, the Bush Administration is going to be scape-goated big-time. It's not even a scapegoat. It's the goat, it's the cloven-footed ram, it's the Great Horned One whose blood must be spilled to cleanse what is to come. At minimum, their names will be pronounced with spittle and sneers forevermore.

op99 said...

I'd rather see criminal charges and jail time when they leave office. Impeachment convictions only result in removal from office. I' want them kicked in the nuts.

Slip said...

Dismal statement of the times. I see nothing coming of it, no sex involved.

HopeSpringsATurtle said...

I really want to see an investigation opened. Once that can of worms gets cracked it's all downhill for BushCo. Word yesterday was that Nancy Pelosi threatened John Conyers with the loss of his chairmanship of Judiciary if he took on the Articles of Impeachment. I'm calling Nancy's office and complaining.

Leslie said...

Hopie, did you see that Massachusetts School of Law is making plans to prosecute Bush?