Sunday, June 08, 2008

Bushed Again, 'New Rules'

Post this in the 'Like-I-don't-have-enough-to-think-about department.' From SadButTrue, one of the Unruly Mob over at Les Enragé, who picked up the story from Crooks and Liars: New and Disturbing Rules Sought--it's looking like telecom immunity may happen afterall. A brief summation from SBT's post:
1) - If you're 'with us', you can get away with whatever the hell you like, including murder. Think of the KBR/Halliburton thugs that gang-raped Jamie Leigh Jones. Or the contractors involved in the black-site interrogation TO DEATH of dozens of alleged terrorists. Or the $10 BILLION in cash that went missing in Iraq under Paul Bremer's watch - and nobody even bothered to look for it. Etc, etc, etc...

2) If you're not 'with us', you are by explicit definition 'with the terrorists', so you are guilty regardless of any evidence that a crime being committed. Think of Don Siegelman, or once again of those dozens of alleged terrorists who've been tortured to death.

Above all think of the appointment of the most partisan group of hacks to ever inhabit the Supreme Court, and the Prosecutors' Purge that has created what amounts to a Department of Injustice in America. The march toward a full-blown fascist state continues unimpeded.
I would add to SBT's #2 that under The Patriot Act, Habeus Corpus has been suspended, so good luck with getting a lawyer and a court appearance or having anyone know where you are. Don Seigelman is a perfect example; he was unable to talk to the public for over a year as he rotted away in jail.

I hate these fucking people. I'm left with the fear that the election won't happen or will be flipped. After all BushCo has accomplished in so far as their power-grab, will these people really turn all that power over to Democrats?


SadButTrue said...

" After all BushCo has accomplished in so far as their power-grab, Will these people really turn all that power over to Democrats? "

You are unconsciously posing the same question that Naomi Wolf asked some time ago.

"... Is it reasonable - is it really a matter of common sense - to assume that leaders who are willing to abuse signing statements, withhold information from Congress, make secret decisions, lie to the American public, use fake evidence to justify a preemptive war, torture prisoners, tap people's phones, open their mail and email, break into their houses, and now simply ignore Congress altogether - leaders with, currently, a 29 percent approval rating - will surely say, come 2008, "The decision rests in the hands of the people. May the votes be fairly counted"? " -- Naomi Wolf

I don't like the answer I come up with, whether I use your wording or that of Ms. Wolf. Expecting Bu$hCo™ to give up their power in free and fair elections would be like leaving the vault open after a bank robbery under the assumption that if you give them a chance the thieves will bring the loot back.

Eli said...

The Justice Department is both sword and shield.