Friday, June 27, 2008

Absurdity of the Week

File under AYFKM: Prostitute-patron David Vitter (R-LA), and Gay-Bathroom-Sex-Perp Larry Craig (R-ID) have authored a new and improved Federal Marriage Amendment to the Constitution. The `Marriage Protection Amendment’ is such an absurd waste of time and resources only to be topped by the ludicrous couple introducing it. A perfect item for Dan Abrams segement "Why America Hates Washington."
From the Carpetbagger Report:
Yes, two of the principal sponsors of a constitutional amendment to “protect” marriage include one far-right Republican who hired prostitutes and another far-right Republican who was arrested for soliciting gay sex an airport men’s room.

As my friend Kyle put it, these two are “not exactly the poster boys of the family values crowd or particularly upstanding examples of the supposed sanctity of the ‘union of a man and a woman.”
Good luck with that one boys, I'd get Glinda the Good Witch to sign on as a co-sponsor. If she's not available, try The Tooth Fairy.


Cujo359 said...

Just when you think Washington can't get more surreal, it does.

HopeSpringsATurtle said...

No kidding. You couldn't write this stuff. Totally surreal. Honestly, it feels like I'm on drugs, except it's really happening. Was it always like this?

op99 said...

I know that's why I got divorced 13 years ago - teh gays were starting to agitate for equal rights and it made my marriage turn to shit. Bastards.

HopeSpringsATurtle said...

I'm pretty sure teh Gays are also responsible for gas prices as well.
And they are definitely to blame for my divorce as well.