Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Will We Do Anything? At Long Last?

It would appear that the "American Exceptionalism" image we have held of ourselves as a nation, will finally be put down as the dysfunctional, deceptive, delusional construct that it probably always has been.

Released at midnight last night, the report from Physicians for Human Rights states unequivocally the the U.S. has, and continues to, torture. We torture and render to faraway lands, run by dictators, that bow to our will, people scooped up off the streets, held with out charges for years, unable to have attorneys or access to Red Cross officials, and then torture them--sometimes to death. Not one of these "enemy combatants" in the nearly eight years of war, have been charged with a crime. NOT ONE.

The Physicians for Human Rights report is entitled, "Broken Laws, Broken Lives," and is a telling chronicle of the unspeakable horrors inflicted on people held without charges or proof they have done anything. Nova M Commentator Jeff Farias did today's radio show and blogged on this report. From Jeff's blog:

That's what Major General Anthony Taguba called it in the just released Physicians for Human Rights report. The report is based on medical examinations of former detainees. Dr Allen Keeler with more than 15 years in treating torture victims around the world says that the torture and abuse inflicted by the US were "second to none". Who is responsible ? Some investigations point to a team of 5 lawyers known as the War Council which acted on direct orders from bush and cheney to re-write our laws on torture. Thus far the only ones charged have been the low level operatives caught on film. I submit that in a country founded by 'We the People', a country that prides itself as a beacon for freedom and liberty and an example of the highest form of representative government, that we all bear responsiblity for the war crimes of our leadership. If we are not actively fighting to stop the abuse we are complicit. We all share the blame.

Finally, there is a compelling compilation video by Billy Vega using the summation speech of the Alan Shore character, from the show Boston Law, that sums up the American nonchalance about the myriad of crimes committed by the most heinous, criminal administration in our country's history. I reprise it for it's content in this dark time of indifference by the American people in regards to our most shameless disregard of the U.S. Constitution at any time in history.

There is apparently nothing this administration, it's minions and collaborators, can do that will spur the American people, much less it's congressional leaders, into action. BUt with enough outcry, someone will listen. And if nothing else, document this shameful period , perhaps our last, in the failed American Experiment, and say, "At least there were some that stood up and said ,'Stop!' ."

Call your people, any people, your senators and congressperson. Tell them you have had enough done in your name.

800 Numbers for Capitol Hill
(800)828-0498 (800)459-1887 (800)614-2803 (866)340-9281 (866)338-1015 (877)851-6437


op99 said...

The Boston Legal character is Alan Shore, not Howard.

This is why I'd rather see these assholes prosecuted when they leave office, which will be soon enough without impeachment. Put 'em in jail (with their full constitutional rights, of course, even though they denied it to their torture victims.

HopeSpringsATurtle said...

Oops...I don't watch TV..,.Thanks for checkin in...

Slip said...

Me thinks that maybe, just maybe, the bushies have hit the American pride hot button! Gas is so damn expensive the Hummer has to stay in the yard. Folks will ride their bikes to protest. It is too bad that the real cost of it all won't be felt until after the election when the winter heat bills start coming in and Americans are freezing in the dark, hungry. We will all feel terrorized.

Cujo359 said...

We're feeling that price already, Slip. It's just going to get worse, though, and the Republicans will do what they always do - blame the Democrats for the effects of their own screwups.

While you're talking with your congresscritter, mention that you don't want telecom executives immunized from prosecution or civil action for their illegal collusion with the Bush Administration. That vote is coming either today or tomorrow. Also, tell them you don't want blanket warrants, which are no warrants at all. Go here for all the linky goodness.

These guys never stop trying to turn us into a police state.

SadButTrue said...

It seems too facile an observations that criminals who face no consequences for their actions will continue to re-offend. Cheney, Rumsfeld, etc. were all there for Watergate and/or Iran Contra. When they are sentenced if ever, I hope the court takes into account that they are repeat offenders, who have never shown remorse or regret.

HopeSpringsATurtle said...

Absolutely SBT and thanks Cujo for the reminder about the telecom bill's reemergence. I'll link to your linky...

Anonymous said...

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