Tuesday, June 12, 2007

USAF used to fill thinning Army ranks

The Washington Times is reporting that enlisted Airmen, mostly from Lackland AFB, are being given a two week training course to assume the Army duty of escorting and running convoys. USAF Airman are being used to fill out the thin Army ranks. Hard to get water from a dry well, eh boys?
The training range is Army, as is the duty itself one of the most dangerous in Iraq these days. But the camouflage-clad young men and women training to run and protect convoys are not Army; they are Air Force.
They are part of a small but steady stream of airmen being trained to do soldiers duty under the Army chain of command, a tangible sign that the Pentagon was scouring the military to aid an Iraq force that was stretched long before President Bush ordered 21,500 additional U.S. troops there.
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Larry Johnson at No Quarter also has a piece up on the missed recruitment goals in the Army. And if you have time, a little cartoon for the kiddies.

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op99 said...

This little stunt will insure that the AF won't be able to meet its recruiting goals, either. "Join the Air Force, guard a convoy." I don't think so.