Monday, June 18, 2007

Private Contractors at Walter Reed fail to deliver mail

WASHINGTON - Turns out the trouble at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, the focus of a firestorm of criticism over poor treatment of wounded war veterans, reached into the mailroom.
MSNBC reports.


Pandabonium said...

I was going to say "unbelieveable" but unfortunately I've come to expect the worst.

The people responsible should have their own mail shredded for a year or more and their access to the internet suspended for the same period.

Larry said...

It has probably reached farther than the mailroom, if we only knew.

MarcLord said...

Hi Hope!

(Starting to settle in? Moving is a nightmare wrapped in cardboard, but you're back home.)

Stuff like this happened during the Civil War, when private companies were relied upon for food and services by both Confederate and Union armies. They would take everything that was good and sell it on the open market, then, if they bothered to at all, replace the items with low-quality substitutes. There were incidents in which wagon loads full of empty tins were delivered, the contractors having sold the meat right out of them.

But you can't sell mail, and throwing it away takes about as much effort as delivering it to the soldiers. If I were a soldier in that hospital, this would push me right over the edge and I'd probably be ready to start cappin' anybody over the rank of Captain.

JollyRoger said...

Those Halliburton Cash Cows (once known as "VA Medical Centers") have to be run efficiently, or Shooter's pals can't properly rape both GI and taxpayer.

It looks like they are hard at the "efficiency" part of it.

Anonymous said...

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