Friday, January 23, 2009

Of Aardvarks and Such

On the recommendation of fellow blogger Jon Swift, I found and am sharing with you, the blog that "tells cute animals what's what," Fuck You Penguin. Here's Jon's take on FYP: "Who knew that existential despair could be so irresistibly, so heart-breakingly cute?" Here's a sample that made me chuckle:

What are you, Aardvark, some kind of anarchist Marxist fascist? Obviously, you must have known that uploading this picture of yourself onto the internet would single-handedly bring down the modern world. Moments after this baby updated its Facebook profile, millions of people stopped what they were doing to email this picture to everyone they knew. MANY OF THEM WERE GRANDMOTHERS, AARDVARK, WITH NO DEFENSE AGAINST YOUR POWERS. Have you no shame? We are already in a depression, Aardvark, what more do you want from us?
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Freeallcards said...

Aardvarks look weird to me. They belong to the same weirdness as that of the platypus. :P

Thanks for sharing!

Cujo359 said...

I added this site to my blogroll, and featured it for B.A.D. Hope all is well.

Pandabonium said...

Aardvarks may or may not be cute, but they are ahead of most everybody (besides AAA towing) in the phone book!

Really - basing our reaction to anything - business, animal, person - on cuteness is not a very viable strategy for survival or even just understanding our world. ne?

W Bush is cuter that this aardvark, but frankly I'd rather cuddle up with the aardvark.