Friday, September 05, 2008

Fact-Checking Palin's Fish Story

So much of what Sarah Palin said in her acceptance/ introduction to America speech, was either an outright lie (mostly about Obama) or half-truths filled in with greater lies yet the corporate-owned mainstream media just dictates back to the American people without any fact-checking or challenge.

Media Matters, the watchdogs of the Fourth Estate (no pitbulls with lipstick, mind you), have combed through her spoken text (written by someone else) and tell us what she really said.

1.Media reports Palin's opposition of "bridge to nowhere" but not her previous support for it
2.Palin opposes earmarks, but not her previous requests for them
3.Media promote Palin as "reformer," ignoring state ethics investigation
4.Ignoring numerous ties, media promote idea that Palin "took on" Sen. Stevens when he was her "mentor"
5.Media fail to challenge McCain camp talking point that Palin is "commander in chief' of the Alaska National Guard
6.Media falsely assert Palin supports benefits for same-sex partners of state employees
7.Media ignore McCain's previously stated "threshold" for his VP: "ready to step in on a moment's notice"
8.Media do not challenge McCain camp assertion that liberal blogs dictated timing of Palin pregnancy disclosure
This report merely scratched the surface on the truckload of bullshit the GOP is trying to dump on the American people.

Courtesy of Cujo at Slobber and Spittle, here's a FACT CHECK SARAH PALIN linky.


Reverend X said...

Thank you.. do u have that list with accompanying source links?

HopeSpringsATurtle said...

you bet rev..the source links are in the post. But here they are again. And if you need additional fact-checking, try