Monday, April 21, 2008

Excellent Blogger Award

What a great way to start the week. My blogger-buddy Jolly Roger over at Reconstitution was awarded an "Excellence in Blogging Award." One of the requirements for accepting this award is that you pass it forward, and JR has deemed my rambling missives here for that same honor. Thank you Jolly, and the feeling is mutual. I am pleased to humbly accept this award.

While looking over his post on this merited acknowledgement of excellence, I read at the other blogs he nominated. I recommend a read at them all. The blogosphere is an amazing new frontier in which I am happily engaged.

In accordance with the "rules," my own recommends for "Excellence in Blogging" or my own The Dirty Dozen are as follows:

Les Enrag├ęs.orgThe Unruly Mob's take on politics is always insightful, often touching, ever-germane. One of J.R.'s picks as well.

folo An intelligent, biting, informative look at politics from the point of view of a "flowah on a Florida pond." A concentration, but not exclusively, on the politics of the South.

Adored by Hordes Marc Lord's brilliantly written, deconstruction and bold reiteration, of all things political. I♥ABH.

Slobber and Spittle
Cujo's always beefy commentary on the misdeeds and injustices we find ourselves embroiled in on a daily basis.

Dependable Renegade Watertiger's sparkling wit dazzles the newsworthy photos of the day with captions that captivate while holding your sides from laughter.

Jon Swift Another Reconstitution entry and I cannot improve on JR's description:"The blogosphere’s Stephen Colbert. 'Conservative' politics that hit the spot."

Beggars Can Be Choosers Marc MacDonald's straightforward critical eye on politics.

Alternate Brain The American Patriot Institute blog-team committed to the very essence of patriotism--dissent and the questioning of authority.

All Hat No Cattle Author Lisa Casey's no-nonsense round-up of the news from the personality-descriptive moniker for the chimp-in-charge's perspective.

Sideshow Avedon Carol, an American in London's sharp round-up of the best of the left. Always relevant, sometime irreverent.

Freeway Blogger The infamous, or is it notorious message blogger that reaches millions with his messages that inspired a movement.

Broadcatching Tully's best-of video site, culls the funnies and the frowners with important links and the "Tullycast."

As to this award, take yours and pass the rest, the only rule for awarding this distinction to deserving blogs, is as follows:By accepting this Excellent Blog Award, you have to award it to 10 more people who’s blog’s you find Excellent Award worthy. You can give it to as many people as you want but please award at least 10.
Thank you to all the above people who take the time, energy and passion it takes to 'do' a blog with the unselfish motive of informing the people (torches and pitchforks optional).


Anonymous said...

Congratulations and well deserved HSAT!

And thank you for such an interesting list to look over - some are new to me.


Unconventional Conventionist said...

Congrats to you, and thanks a bunch for the nod to the Mob, Hope!

MarcLord said...
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MarcLord said...

Boy was I relieved, and flattered, after I clicked on your link. Blogging really is a phenomenon that's defintely "going places" and it's so cool to meet people like you on the way. Congratulations and Thank You, Hope!

Cujo359 said...

Congratulations, HSAT, and thanks. All this prize awardin' is tiring, though. Looks like I'll finish tomorrow...

Fixer said...

On behalf of the team, thank you very much!

Saskboy said...

It seems that Jon Swift is unable to accept the award, since he's MIA for the last few months now.