Friday, August 24, 2007

Are We There Yet?

More and more frequently these days, I hear talk and genuine fear regarding the possibility of Chimpy imposing martial law. It is expected he will suspend the '08 election, and essentially complete the power grab that has been politically engineered from day one of his illegal presidency. The martial law coup d'etat is presumably preceded by another 9/11 style terrorist attack somewhere in the U.S., wherein BushCo then acts out on NSPD-51.

While certainly a frighteningly fictional-sounding scenario, it is one I'm afraid is all too close to coming true..

There have been far and away too many specific acts of controversy. We have experienced an ever-increasing range of false flag fun-and-games to the dissolution of our fundamental civil rights; suspension of the 900 year old tenet of Habeas Corpus and illegal wiretapping; data-mining and the ever-present extreme secrecy regarding everything this administration has done since in office. The list of offenses is long and infamous.

I think we as Americans too often forget the recent lessons of history and precedent of this type of despotic behavior. In Southeast Asia, Pol Pot's wholesale slaughter of 2 million Cambodians; Hitler's extermination of 6 million Jews; and the most recent examples, the Genocides in at least eight other countries. We assume such things could never happen here.

I posit that assumption is extremely naive.

The most recent thing to cross my radar, albeit a bit dated, certainly fits tidily into the coup premise. Have you heard about the government operations conducted by the U.S. Marshall Service and 29 other government agencies called "Operation Falcon"? Not one exercise, but three which in toto "rounded up" 37,000 "suspects" and concluded with over 30,000 arrests of people whose disposition is unknown.

Things are starting to look more and more like science fiction, and the suspense dramas we read in novels. I wonder how much it will take for people to pay attention.


Anonymous said...

Scares hell out of me!

Anonymous said...

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