Saturday, May 06, 2006

May 6, 2006 3:06 AM

Why isn't this on the news? Why have I only just heard about this tonight? 'Loose Change' has left me feeling ill, sick to my stomach and confused, thus the title of my blog. I had always felt some strange 'impending doom' about the 911 tragedy. I have known how devious and evil the Bush administration is and that world domination, money and power are their goals. In the make-up of the cabinet there is a horrifying depth of malevolence that renders one powerless to oppose.
You would have to take out the first eight or ten people in the chain of command before anything would shift a whit. It seems to bring into focus the very breadth of the deep-seated, inexorable corruption of our government. The "DaVinci Code" of world politics. I feel like a character in "The Manchurian Candidate" or "Conspiracy Theory". Certainly I am not the first person to feel like this as a result of the film "Loose Change", nor are any of my thoughts here unique but certainly, someone must be doing something about it. No? Please let me know if you know anything about the 911 thing or have feelings of powerlessness about what the bush administration is doing or anything I written. Thanks. And this is my first post to anything ever, so be gentle with me, your mother would appreciate it.


Updated January 17.2007:Now that I have the wherewithall to do html, here is a link to the film that started the whole blogging experience for me. I give you, Loose Change. Watch it. Notice how you feel.


egregious said...

you are not alone

Oakland Steve said...

I heard you on Malloy and felt compelled to drop you a note. I watched Loose Change a while ago and while I don't accept its conclusions as definitive I believe the questions are valid and the truth is still unknown.

Even though the lives your husband saves should never have been threaten by this immoral war that doesn't lessen the value of his service. Best wishes.

eddie said...

Thanks for your blog, Dear!
As they say, in Matrix movie, now you have taken a red pile, after watching "Loose Change".

The same thing happened to me, after watching it, although, I knew the USA Industrialists and Financial Capitalists have been involved in genocides for profits, in the Third World since few hundred ago, without mercy!

They had to give a blue pile to their western citizen, in establishing a fake democracy, where, without being in a millionaire club, you can't be able to be elected to serve your country. That blue pile helped them to hide you about the looting and genocides, they have been involved in, till this day, in the Third World!

Hope you don't feel too powerless, there is a divine intervention going on, as you begin to understand how the world have been taken over by Corporatism!

It started almost 400 hundred years ago, when the Western Financial elites started slaving other people for profits.

The Third World is almost annihilated, as we speak, and the only people who can try to stop the Imperialist genocides are people like you who are the Citizen of the West. So feeling powerless, as you said at Mike Mallow show, is a good thing, as now you can feel a grasp of what the citizen of the Third World have been feeling since few hundred years ago.

Your recent rising consciousness is a reflection of what many in the world are experiencing, and you are not alone! Hope something good comes out of it, before we all perish!

Wishing you the best, and just to tell you that the revolution may not be soon, but it's inevitable, as the evils of corporatism which has reached it's last stage of fascism, can't give up on their profits.

Thanks again for your blog!

Swim said...


Thank you for your comment and I do believe that a 'divine intervention' is going on. Certainly, it starts with the individual and depending on the the action taken, radiates outward to others. And from the women's movement, "The personal IS political". I think the powerlessness can be a starting point; I think the 'corporatist club' has banked on the powerlessness as paralytic agent. My fondest wish is for America to WAKE UP. Yes, Virgina the revolution is coming...

Swim said...

oakland steve

I'm a native San Franciscan, and thanks for your comment homey.

My husband joined pre 9/11 to have medical school paid for in exchange for 'time in service'.

We are against this illegal occupation in Iraq and our solace is that he is saving lives. Thanks for your kind wishes.

nojustwar said...

hi swim,
welcome to the game,
i have been awake for almost 5 years now, 911 was my waking point.
i saw the loose change video, bought it, copied it to my new video ipod, watch it often, etc. everyone i show it too, says something like 'oh, my god' then is scared of what to do next.
within a week of last seeing it, the msm brainwashing starts seeping back in, then things like, 'yeah, well, i .. uh. i, ... so what, this govt has been involved in so many things..... etc. etc. thats when i know that i have lost them for good.

quick note, the opening of your blog credits alex jones for the movie, i dont think he did, although he has plenty of other great fims. look him up on google video.
i heard you on the malloy show, good stuff huh?
between him randi and the majority report......


Swim said...


Thank you for your comments. Ithink you're right about the film credit and I've fixed it. Thanks for being out there.

Musclemouth said...

My current conclusion is that the only way to do the revolution is to make connections with each other and try and share what truth we have with each other. And that's also a great antidote to feelings of powerlessness. As long as we're sharing, we know we're still sane. And it's super important, I recently learned, to step out on a limb and bring it up face-to-face with people. That way you can have real-time conversations. I just had a great one recently, and even though they didn't agree with me, they were open-minded enough to listen. I didn't convince them, but it felt great to share ideas. And that's all that really matters anyway.

Anonymous said...

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