Monday, July 14, 2008

Torture 2.0

Jane Mayer (author of The Dark Side) did an interview with Harper's Magazine, published today. Scott Horton Asks Jane six pointed questions further exploring points made in her explosive book exposing the torture of whomever BushCo thinks fit to torment. This information comes on the heels of the payload discoveries in the recent ICRC report, and lends a deeper examination of the apathy and tacit approval given by the American public for the '24' style of "enhanced interrogation" in real-life situations which consistently lowers the very ethical foundation of our Republic, at home and abroad.

Photo courtesy of Clinton Fein from his art exhibit "Torture"

Read this revelatory conversation with Mayer while the rest of America exercises the luxury of supposition on America's 'right' to torture.
Eyewitnesses describe Mitchell as quoting Seligman’s theories of “Learned Helplessness” as useful in showing how to break the resistance of detainees’ to interrogation. One source recounts Mitchell specifically touting the experiments done on dogs in the context of how to treat detainees.
Good posting in a diary at DKOS and H/T to reader Mary for the heads-up.


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As things stand now, Bush can have ppl buried alive!