Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Gummint High-pocrisy

State cancels contract, faces investigation after posters plaster London

By Alex Johnson, MSNBC
A state employee has resigned and officials have disavowed an international advertising campaign that led to calls for an investigation of tourism posters proclaiming “South Carolina is so gay.”

The campaign, which plastered the London subway with posters advertising the charms of South Carolina and five major U.S. cities to gay European tourists, landed with a resounding thud in South Carolina, where the issue of gay rights has long been a political flashpoint.

The advertisements were timed for London’s Gay Pride Week, which ended Saturday. The posters touted the attractions of the state to gay tourists, including its “gay beaches” and its Civil War-era plantations.

Comment from reader RF
:It’s a wonderful poster. I just love seeing the state gummint hung from its hypocrisy.

(H/T RF, thanks for the story)


Cujo359 said...

Not being from South Carolina, my first instinct was to laugh at this poster. I thought it was a joke.

Why would it be a joke? Look at the reaction. Somebody is fired, umm, excuse me, asked to resign, for "wasting" $5K on some posters. How far from a tolerant, enlightened society can you get?

At least no one was tortured this time.

HopeSpringsATurtle said...

That you know of Cujo, that you know of...

Psychomikeo said...

I hope a "butt" load of gays showed up in SC