Wednesday, March 12, 2008

More Shock, Less Awe

The sad news that Admiral Fallon, CentCom commander, has resigned came down yesterday. White House correspondent Martha Raddatz talks to Charlie Rose giving background and some conclusions about the departure of one of the only men keeping us from yet another "pre-emptive attack" but this time, on Iran.

Fucking shrub won’t be happy until he blows up Iran. God help us. The more it looks like a dem will win the WH, the more likely he is to do something to force a suspension of the election. The specter of more war looms large.


Anonymous said...

Fuckin' Shrub

op99 said...

IMO, they're not looking to short-circuit the election, they just want Iran invaded, and they know it has to happen before a Dem prez takes office. Whatever country they don't get to by Jan. 20, 2009 may not get done.

Eli said...

Getting rid of Fallon is a necessary but not a sufficient condition for war, IMHO.

But if Dubya's convinced that the survival of his legacy, er, America is at stake, he will do whatever he can to get his war on.

I don't think he's going to be able to convince the American people that Iran is a threat the way he did with Iraq (indeed, *because* of the way he did with Iraq), so I think it's going to come down to provoking Iran into doing something that gives him an excuse.

I also have this suspicion that he's going to arrange for an unsuccessful assassination attempt against al-Sadr in December if McCain doesn't win. See how Hillabama likes *them* apples.

op99 said...

What a country when this sounds like good news:

So, not about Iran but Iraq -- and specifically whether we stay there indefinitely waiting on the El Dorado of political progress. Fallon wanted to start drawing down. His bosses disagreed. And now he's gone.