Saturday, October 06, 2007

Who Killled Ciara Durkin?

Now it would appear the good ole' US of A is fragging women soldiers, although this isn't the first by a longshot. From Crooks and Liars comes another shocking story of another dead woman soldier which the US Army appears recalcitrant to investigate.

Spec. Ciara Durkin said to her family three weeks ago:Ask many questions if I die; ‘I made some enemies,’ Sound familiar?


mommybrain said...

Hope, I heard you on Randy Rhodes last week. I heard sadness, tension and shame in your voice, what I would expect to hear from someone who cares so deeply.

I truly hope, Hope, that you and your husband make it out of this mess with most of your selves intact. You both have given so much, especially considering your views.

Much love. Carry on, dear. We're still here.

mommybrain said...

Did I mention weariness?

HopeSpringsATurtle said... nice to 'see' you. I have thought of you often but can't bring myself over to the lake, suffice it to say I am weary, shamed, and tense about all that has transpired during this administration and its criminal behavior. Thank you for your caring and concern.

op99 said...

Auditing the US military is apparently as dangerous as guarding a convoy, if Spec. Durkin's insinuations are accurate. Thank you for keeping us posted on the lesser-known atrocities, Hope. What a damn shame.

Hi Mommybrain!

shoephone said...

Hope - The news about Durkin made me think about Roselle, and all the unanswered questions and all the enduring anxiety and grief for you and your military compatriots. Sometimes it's the unknown that's worse than anything.

Hey - it's mommybrain!