Thursday, September 17, 2009

DADT Disproportion Revisted

I posted a few days ago on a report of lesbians being disproportionately discharged under DADT. I commented at the SLDN blog and received some comments I wanted to share here. Interestingly enough, these comment were made presumably, by gay men:
Bla Bla Bla.....I dont doubt that there are many women being separated for DADT violations, as a 23 Yr Vet, I have to note that the Military has always routinely turned a blind eye to Lesbians and Lesbian Conduct.....(Marine Womens Softball...anyone) Conduct Unbecoming is a Good Read....And as I recall even Rany Schilts observed that the militray turned a blind eye to most Lesbian Issues! But then again; What do I know I’m just a big ol homo...right!
I responded:
Stickman:Which part of ‘disproportionate’ are you not understanding?

When the military turns a ‘blind eye’ to lesbians, it is merely reflecting the larger social policy of ignoring lesbians i.e., women are lesser creatures than men. When you ask the average Joe or Jane about “gay,” most people think about gay men; Lesbians are an afterthought. And I wouldn’t consider Randy Shilts an expert on lesbians--in or out of the military.

Lesbians are eroticized by men--right up until they become a threat to manhood or job security. If you don’t get that, you might want to look up another word in the dictionary: Misogyny
It went on from there with different commenter:
Whether or not it’s politically correct, stickman is not coming out of left field with his statements. After 7 years in the Army, that’s the same thing I’ve noticed.

A company commander had her (in her words) “life partner” show up to a company picnic and nothing was said or done.

She did everything short of saying “I am a lesbian.” No one really cared. Had she been a male, maybe people would have been stirred up. I don’t know.
And then I said:
Both you and stickman are viewing this story anecdotally. The report is about how lesbians are DISPROPORTIONATELY discharged under DADT. A higher percentage of the DADT discharges are women. This is simple math. Whether or not lesbianism is overlooked is not the issue and it’s also not about “political correctness.” DADT is a policy which by its very existence is discriminatory. I’m not calling for gay men to be expelled at the same rate as lesbians, but rather that a highly unfair and counter-productive policy goes away.

I’m assuming since your company commander never told you she was a lesbian, you don’t know for certain. Also she must be pretty good at her job to have been able to rise to the level of company commander. Job performance is supposed to be what distinguishes one, not sexuality.

Furthermore, the fact that we are discussing who is treated worse by the military, lesbians or gay men takes away from the real issue of discrimination by the DoD, who would rather have us fighting with each other than them, so bravo for taking the focus off the real issue.
Stay tuned for,"...and then he said..."


Anonymous said...

True that.
Your rational and articulate response to the pseudo-reading is a take-down for sure I’m thinking.
Maybe you can dismantle the master’s house with the master’s tools?
Or should you be dismissed you uppity bitch?
In any event: You rock.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering if you were going to post any followup comments?