Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Wickedness of the GOP

Again the Grand OLD Partisan republicans are setting it up to steal the election. Poll numbers are all over the place. McCain internal polls are saying the race is "essentially tied." Election fraud and voter suppression stories are popping up even on in the corporate media despite the right-wing drivel about "voter fraud " and ACORN. All a set-up for the fourth election in a row to be stolen by the immoral GOP. My only hope lie in the extraordinary registration and turn-out of new (and old) Democrats and if the darkside seems to pull it off, on November the Fifth, the American people will pull a "V for Vendetta" of some kind. Is this really America? Have we all been asleep this long?


Anonymous said...

Yes, Turtle--the people are for the most part asleep. They didn't learn from Vietnam--40 years later, the gov't decides it's time to cull the kid population, so the chickenhawks and corporations decide to foment more wars, like in the Mideast. Spin (e.g. Fox News), comes into play, the guys are young, dumb and full of cum (machismo), the gals are young, dumb and full of eggs(machisma) (gotta provide gender-equal descriptions, y'know); they become victims of the economic and back-door drafts, swallow the "fighting for freedom, God and country"--bullshit and there they go---overandoverandover again and again. I don't know if most of the people WILL ever wake up: too many "good Germans" out there! I saw the "Country First" signs and heard the "USA!USA!" chants on TV (the RNC) and you know what? There was too much of a parallel to Germany in the late 30's. Too much like "Deutschland Uber Alles" for my liking.

Slip said...

Be afraid very afraid. The ducks are lining up all in a row. We are about to be screwed again and not even kissed.

SadButTrue said...

Yeah, anonymous has it reight. The McCain and Palin rallies do look a lot like Nuremberg in the 1930s. But I've been saying for some time that we've been seeing parallel history playing out with the Bush/Cheney fascists.

I sure hope they don't try to steal this one, because we'll just see another episode of the most astonishing public complacency anywhere in the so-called free world.

HopeSpringsATurtle said...

I couldn't agree with you all more... I reiterate, the vote must be overwhelming and the real work begins on November 5. There are more of us than there are of them. we have power in numbers and passion. All they have is money and power.

Never an accident the Guy Fawkes Day is the day after the election. We must make the outcry so huge we can not be ignored.

There has been just enough news on "The News" and 3 flipped elections, that Americans will finally say, "Enough!!"

I thank you all for the faith you keep with the true American Spirit."

MarcLord said...


consider the way the Shah of Iran was overthrown. Not a shot was fired (or remarkably few). Millions of people just stood at intersections in the cities, standing in defiant disapproval.

We, of course, have the authority of elections, so if the Grumpy Old Party steals it again, they wouldn't step down, so there would be civil war.

HopeSpringsATurtle said...

Who can say dearest Marc? I have a good feeling about this one. I'm doing my best to keep the faith. Tomorrow I am an election official at a local precinct and I guarantee there will be no shenanigans at my polling place. Godspeed and good luck to us all.

MarcLord said...

Oh, I don't mean to pour any cold water. We're going to take this one, I just mean it's going to happen one way or the other.

Thanks for watching out for us down in CA. I went to volunteer as an election official here in WA, but they already had way too many people, and that was last week. =)

Good luck, Hopey!

Anonymous said...

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