Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Way of the Buffalo

The general business of winterizing the homestead and the bustle of the holiday season have kept me away from the keyboard. I thank everyone for their patience. All told though, I'm disturbed how buried the N.I.E. and the ensuing cover-up brought about by the CIA torture tapes being destroyed has become. It is all too clear the chimp-in-charge lied--again and he with his republibots, continues still, to gin-up war with Iran as America sleeps. Torture has become de rigueur to the "average" American, the U.S. Constitution is passe, and the most pressing issue seems what the George Mitchell report will say about steroid use in baseball.

In listening to various podcasts this week, Scott Ritter at TruthOut warns of what he believes is a still imminent threat of the emperor-king letting loose on Iran and the endemically incurious American regarding the dangerous threat such an attack would encompass. Meanwhile, the MSM chirps how the war crimes this administration has conducted under the "unitary executive" meme is much ado about nothing.

In another podcast, The National Constitution Center asks the question, Is the Constitution Outdated?. Answering this query are Larry Sabato, Michael Oreskes, and Eric Lane with the start point of agreeing on the erosion of constututional literacy in America. They could have referenced Miss Teen South Carolina as an example of such civic and cultural illiteracy, particularly in America's youth.
"Half of all Americans think that the President has the power under the Constitution, to suspend the Constitution, in times of emergency. Are we the American Republic or a banana republic?"
These days I'm left wondering how far America will have to fall before we the people do something and stop the criminals from taking over forever. Or at least until we go the way of the buffalo.


op99 said...

Thanks for the podcasts - good stuff.

SadButTrue said...

Without the constitution there is no America in my opinion, just a vast tract of land keeping Canada from bumping into Mexico.

Oh, and a flag - but a flag is just a representative symbol, which if the thing it represents is gone, is meaningless.

Winston said...

I have 3 major concerns:
(1) Can we survive as a nation until Bush is out of office?

(2) Will American voters turn out to elect someone who is not a clone of Bush?

(3) Will the Dem controlled Congress we put in place a couple of years ago ever get their collective heads out of the sand and do what they promised to do?

My biggest fear, which is being strengthened by the day, is that the answer to all 3 is NO.


Brother Tim said...

My vote goes to: The way of the buffalo.

The American public is so apathetic, when the end comes, they'll all be scratching their heads, wringing their hands, and crying out in agony, "How did this happen?"

The only remedy will be through bloodshed.......domestic bloodshed. What a shame.

Anonymous said...

Y'all ever see the the movies Satarship Troopers and Starship Troopers 2? They say it all!!

Anonymous said...

That's "Starship"-sorry, typo.